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Client testimonials

“8 of our 10 sales reps came from CoachingSales.com.” - Aleric Heck, AdOutreach

“I saved 3-4 hrs per day & got a higher yield on sales calls.” - Jeff Miller, Cool Beans Digital

“Their closers brought in $10 million in sales.” - David Melman, AdOutreach

“I thought I could build a sales team myself.” - JR Rivas, Instant Leverage

“Taking sales calls all day was hurting our marriage.” - Jay & Samera Harvey, Trailer Cash Acdemy

“You guys are just dialed in. We're on a rocket ship.” - Jim Fisher, Jucebox

“We went from $30,000/month to $100,000/month in 30 days.” - David & Elle Denning, Jumpstart Go

“I used to be a highly paid freelancer before working with Mike Mark.” - Eddie Hanline, Client Forest

“We went from zero to $70,000/month in three months.” - Tyler Narducci, Done-For-You Agency

“No question, hands down, best investment we've made all year.” - Dr. Connor Robertson, Syntacz

“Ultimately, your program unlocked scale in my business.” - Ahmad Munawar, Boutique Growth

“This is the most impactful thing we've done in our business.” - Lani Nalu, Life coach for women

“Our sales team did $100,000+ our first month working together.” - Joel Kaplan, AgencyLab

“We did $24,000 in sets collected in two weeks.” - Landon Stewart, Clients & Community

“We went from $25,000 to $60,000/month with one sales rep.” - Kev Charlie, Real Beauty Bosses

“I went from $3,000 to $30,000/month in a couple of months.” - Chris Zankowicz, Salesperson

“I've developed as a salesperson and a business owner.” - Jessica Digginson, Salesperson

“I learned how to be primal. To conquer my loser self.” - Matthew Brown, Salesperson

“I found a pride of lions to run with.” - James Lanning, Salesperson

“I doubled my corporate salary in 6 months, I know I can 2-3X that.” - Kat L, Salesperson

“Because of your support and dedication, I hit my first $100k in three months.” - CJ Ramos, Salesperson

Even More client testimonials

"Magic Mike Mark is one of the best."
Taylor Welch, Co-founder, Traffic & Funnels
"Since working with Mike, I was able to grow the business to where we're making more per week than we did per month."
Teja Yenamandra, Co-founder, Gun.io
"We booked 37 calls THIS WEEK (we typically do 45 per month.)"
Pretty solid start I would say. 4:1 ROI cash collected in the first month."
"7 strategy sessions booked and we only started a few days ago!"
"We've done $111k this month and I have not taken ONE sales call."

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